Moon Prism Power Motherfucker

I feel bad for the children of this generation of weeaboos who are going to show up to kindergarten named things like Kyubey, Monogatari, Komaeda, Eva Unit-01,Kawoshin,Senapi,and God even knows what else.


why do so many people love summer so much like really you just sweat your balls off and look musty and frizzy and greasy and GROSS i fucking hate it

Once in grade 10 I was invited to join the anime club by a boy who openly talked about feeding food to his “waifu”(Plastic Figurine) and would write Kanji on things without knowing what they meant.

Happy for another episode of drag race

Though I’m Still pressed Trinity is gone

I have to go to homeland security tomorrow for fingerprinting. I have no idea what to wear.

My least favourite kind of people are those that spend every moment of their life relentlessly pushing toxic shit onto people and when someone pushes back they play the victim.

*Waits for drag race link to be posted”