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Don’t let anyone tell you how to do your makeup. If someone tries to help you with foundation matching or technique that’s one thing. Technique is meant to ensure you can achieve the look you’re aiming for. Never let anyone convince you something isn’t right or wearable. Makeup is meant to be exploratory and fun. If you’re someone that likes electric blue eyeshadow and frosted lipstick then do it. Enjoying a neutral palette is fun too. The way that you want to express yourself is entirely up to you. Your brows can be as full or as thinned out as you like. Blush can be worn on the apples,cheekbones or even your armpit if you see fit. Life isn’t that long. You might as well have fun with your look in the process. 


the fact that there have no leaked nudes on my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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Whenever I see a review of a makeup product online it seems so large until I actually hold it in person. Then I realize that the 5’2” girl who did the initial review may not have Yaoi hands like me so everything appears much bigger by comparison.

whatever happened to body glitter? what ever happened to body glitter? why are we so afraid to shine

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Nadja Jovanovic - ‘Luna’

Ph. Fanny Latour-Lambert

Sasha Pivovarova at Versace Fall 2007

I don’t get how people can sleep with clothing on

SEND ME A NUMBER 1: i'd bang you against a wall

I watched Frozen for the first time. The pacing was horrendous,but it was pretty.