Moon Prism Power Motherfucker

I was really angry earlier. I feel like I’ll express why on a later date,but I didn’t want to let it manifest so I spilled it out creatively. I haven’t done that in a while. It’s strange to remember how one can channel rage into a visual force.

Twas’ niceĀ 


Prada F/W 12

David Bowie, 1980

I whitened my teeth and did a charcoal mask.

Feels at peace


someone really needs to do their job and get devon aoki and karl lagerfeld back together

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Him: How much would you charge to do my sister's makeup?
Me: Half your 401K after twenty years of maturation and forty percent of your stock options.
My housemate: We should have bare walls except for a movie poster of the film Face off with Nicolas Cage
Me: And a portrait of Guy Fieri in our kitchen